Swarnabhoomi| Premium Real Estate Project of Chhattisgarh

about us


Swarnabhoomi is a land where nature has showered humanity with her bountiful offerings. Whether it is the gurgling sound of life-giving water, the enlivening caress of the fresh breeze or the gentle warm embrace of the nourishing sunshine or whether it is a diverse array of flora and fauna pleasing to the eye, which also gifts us fragrant flowers and nourishing fruits, everything is around you. Here perfect harmony between nature and man reigns supreme.

Swarnabhoomi is the culmination of your life. It is the very soul of existence. It is the answer to all your prayers and the fulfillment of all your desires. It is the quenching of your thirst for peace and the satiation of your hunger for happiness. It is a life full of inner peace, in a tranquil and serene environment, in the lap of nature enveloped by the perfect proportion of all the elements of vaastu. It is the destination where the treasure chest of your desires is brimming and waiting to be opened by you.

Swarnabhoomi means living in an ambience of enrichment and plenty. You have always dreamt of abundance…. abundance of health, happiness and wealth…abundance of all the good things in life. And you have worked hard and honestly to achieve whatever you have achieved so far. Your efforts are rewarded at Swarnabhoomi. This is where people of all ages can grow and explore and evolve in a relaxing atmosphere without worrying about responsibilities and duties and worldly cares.

This Project is registered under RERA.

Phase - I : PCGRERA050718000459 | Phase II : PCGRERA180518000011